Third-Row Seat


Do not stack cargo higher than the seatbacks:
Stacking luggage or other cargo higher than the seatbacks is dangerous. During a sudden stop or collision, objects can fly around and become projectiles that could hit and injure passengers.

Make sure luggage and cargo is secured before driving:
Not securing cargo while driving is dangerous as it could move or be crushed during sudden braking or a collision and cause injury.

Do not drive with the seatback unlocked:
All of the seatbacks play an important role in your protection in a vehicle. Leaving the seatback unlocked is dangerous as it can allow passengers to be ejected or thrown around and baggage to strike occupants in a sudden stop or collision, resulting in severe injury.

After returning the seatback at any time, even when there are no other passengers, rock the seatback to make sure it is locked in place.

Never allow a passenger to sit or stand on the folded seatback while the vehicle is moving:
Driving with a passenger on the folded seatback is dangerous.

Allowing a child to sit up on the folded seatback while the vehicle is moving is particularly dangerous. In a sudden stop or even a minor collision, a child not in a proper seat or child-restraint system and seat belt could be thrown forward, back or even out of the vehicle resulting in serious injuries or death. The child in the baggage area could be thrown into other occupants and cause serious injury.


- The third-row seat cannot be removed.

- When returning a third-row seat to its original position, also replace the seat belt to its normal position. Verify that the seat belt pulls out and retracts.

Split-Folding the Third-Row Seatback

To create a flat luggage compartment space, fold the seatbacks forward.

To fold third-row seat

1. Slide the second-row seat all the way forward.

2. Insert the third-row outboard seat belts in the retainers.

3. Lower the head restraints all the way

3. Lower the head restraints all the way down.

4. Pull the strap and fold the seatback forward.



To create a flat luggage compartment space from the rear of the vehicle to the back of the front seats, fold the second-row and third-row seats.

To return third-row seat to its original

To return third-row seat to its original position

Return the seatback to its original position while pulling its strap.

Make sure the seatback is secured by attempting to lightly move it forward and back.

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