Trunk Lid (4 Door)

Never allow a person to ride in the trunk:
Allowing a person to ride in the trunk is dangerous. In addition, the person in the trunk could be seriously injured or killed during sudden braking or a collision.

Keep the trunk closed when driving: Exhaust gas entering the cabin of a vehicle through an open trunk is dangerous. This gas contains CO (carbon monoxide), which is colorless, odorless, and highly poisonous. If inhaled, it can cause loss of consciousness and death.

Opening and Closing the Trunk Lid

Close the trunk lid, be sure the seat backs are latched and do not allow children to play inside the vehicle: Leaving the trunk lid open or leaving children in the vehicle with the keys is dangerous. Children could open the trunk lid and climb inside resulting in possible injury or death from heat exposure.

Always keep the car from being a tempting place to play by locking rear seats, doors and the trunk, and keeping the keys where children can not play with them:
Leaving children or animals unattended in a parked vehicle is dangerous. Babies left sleeping and children who lock themselves in cars or trunks can die very quickly from heat prostration. Do not leave your children or pets alone in a car at any time. Do not leave the car, the rear folding seats or the trunk unlocked.

For vehicles equipped with a rear spoiler, do not lift the trunk lid by the spoiler. Lifting up the trunk lid by the rear spoiler could cause damage to the rear spoiler and the trunk lid.

Opening the trunk lid with the key

Insert the key into the slot and turn it

Insert the key into the slot and turn it clockwise.

Opening the trunk lid with the remote release lever

Pull up the release lever next to the

Pull up the release lever next to the driver's seat.

Closing the trunk lid

Use both hands to push the trunk lid down until the lock snaps shut. Do not slam it.

Pull up on the trunk lid to make sure it is secure.

Trunk Security

In some situations you may want to prevent the trunk from being opened with the remote trunk lid release lever.

Give your key only to someone you trust.

To secure the trunk lid, lock the rear seatbacks, push the trunk lock lever up, and close the trunk.

To cancel the security feature, insert the

To cancel the security feature, insert the key into the lock, turn the key clockwise, and pull the trunk lock lever down.

Trunk Light

The trunk light is on when the lid is open

The trunk light is on when the lid is open and off when it's closed.

To prevent the battery from being discharged, do not leave the trunk open for a long period when the engine is not running.

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