Monitoring and Maintenance

qConstant Monitoring

The following components of the air bag systems are monitored by a diagnostic system:
- Crash sensors, and diagnostic module (SAS unit).

- Front air bag sensor.

- Air bag modules.

- Side crash sensors.

- Air bag/Seat belt pretensioner system warning light.

- Seat belt pretensioner and load limiting systems.

- Front passenger air bag deactivation indicator light.

- Related wiring.

- Front passenger air bag deactivation switch.

- Driver seat slide position sensor.

- Front passenger seat weight sensors.

- Front passenger seat weight sensor control module.

- Driver and front passenger seat belt buckle switches

The diagnostic module continuously monitors the system's readiness. This begins when the
ignition switch is turned to the ON position and continues while the vehicle is being


The air bag systems do not require regular maintenance. But if any of the following occurs,
take your vehicle to an Authorized Mazda Dealer as soon as possible: - The air bag system warning light flashes.

- The air bag system warning light remains illuminated.

- The air bag system warning light does not illuminate when the ignition switch is turned
to the ON position.

- The air bags have deployed.

- Passenger air bag deactivation indicator light does not illuminate when the ignition
switch is turned to the ON position or does not illuminate as indicated in the chart or
when you manually deactivate the passenger air bag with the key.

For more details about passenger air bag deactivation, refer to: - Passenger seat weight sensors .

- Passenger air bag deactivation switch.

Do not operate a vehicle with damaged air bag/seat belt pretensioner system components:
Expended or damaged air bag/seat belt pretensioner system components must be replaced after any collision which caused them to deploy or damage them. Only a trained Authorized Mazda Dealer can fully evaluate these systems to see that they
will work in any subsequent accident. Driving with an expended or damaged air bag
or pretensioner unit will not afford you the necessary protection in the event of any
subsequent accident which could result in serious injury or death.

Do not remove interior air bag parts: Removing any components such as the seats, dashboard, the steering wheel or parts
on the front and rear window pillars and along the roof edge, containing air bag parts or sensors is dangerous. These parts contain essential air bag components. The
air bag could accidentally activate and cause serious injuries. Always have an Authorized Mazda Dealer remove these parts.

Dispose of the air bag properly: Improper disposal of an air bag or a vehicle with live air bags in it can be extremely
dangerous. Unless all safety procedures are followed, injury can result. Ask an Authorized Mazda Dealer how to safely dispose of an air bag or how to scrap an air
bag equipped vehicle.

If it becomes necessary to have the components or wiring system for the supplementary restraint
system modified to accommodate a person with certain medical conditions in accordance with a
certified physician, contact an Authorized Mazda Dealer, refer to “Customer Assistance (U.S.A.)”.

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