Still Versatility at its Best - Mazda 5's Seven-Seat Karakuri Seating and Storage System

Mazda 5's Karakuri seating and storage system offers sufficient space for up to seven people and allows to quickly and easily transform the interior into a variety of seating arrangements. If you need more luggage space, just fold the third row seats fl at into the floor, and you have five seats and a large boot. A four-seat configuration is also possible by storing the cushion of the middle seat in the second row beneath the left seat. Just tip the left seat cushion forward, fold the middle seat cushion into the space below it, and put the left hand seat cushion back into its original position. Then drop down the middle seat's seatback, and it will serve as an extra-wide centre armrest. This allows four passengers a maximum of space and convenience. A practical Karakuri utility box can be folded out of the middle row's right seat into the centre. It has a top tray big enough to hold smaller toys, snacks, cups or baby bottles, and in the box below there is a net that can hold various items. If the second row centre seat or the Karakuri box is in use, a 6.3 litre storage space is available under one of the second row outer seat cushions.

* Volume all seats up (to belt line) 112 l * Volume 3rd row down (to belt line) 426 l * Volume 2nd and 3rd rows down (to belt line) 857 l * Volume 2nd and 3rd rows down (fl oor to ceiling) 1,566 l

The updated Mazda 5 adds features that make the vehicle even easier to use on a daily basis. Black-out meters with improved white illumination , for instance, are now standard. The size of the centre monitor (displaying clock, audio and AC info) is now larger , placed higher and further forward so it is easier to read. The layout of the centre panel switches are optimised to make the hazard lamp switch and the clock adjustment buttons easier to reach. A new auxiliary (AUX) jack with a niche at the front of the floor console are standard on all models. This feature allows you to stow, hook up and listen to an MP3 player using Mazda 5's audio system .

When equipped with the optional DVD entertainment system, Mazda 5 features a second AUX jack in the rear seat trim , allowing rear passengers to play a console game, watch a movie or listen to music on headphones.

Mazda 5 facelift also has a new DVD navigation system (depending on grade and market) designed to be easier to read and use, with a new 7-inch multifunctional touch screen and voice command that is now integrated into the centre panel. As before, the DVD navigation system includes a rear view camera , a very useful item when parking or manoeuvring in narrow spaces. The normal CD player now plays MP3-formated CDs, an in-dash 6 CD changer is now available, as well as a Bluetooth telephone system with steering wheel controls and voice command (depending on grade).

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