Your Vehicle at a Glance

Interior, exterior views and part identification of your Mazda.

Dashboard and Interior Overview

*Refer to Navigation System at the separate manual (if equipped).

*Refer to Navigation System at the separate manual (if equipped).

1. Power window lock switch.

2. Power window switches.

3. Power door lock switch.

4. Headlight leveling switch.

5. Dashboard illumination switch.

6. Lighting control/Turn signal.

7. Instrument cluster.

8. SRS air bags.

9. Cruise control switches.

10. Wiper and washer lever.

11. Hazard warning flasher switch.

12. Information display.

13. Audio system.

14. Glove box.

15. Center console.

16. Parking brake.

17. Cup holder.

18. MT shift lever.

19. AT shift lever (Sport AT).

20. Lighter.

21. Rear window defroster switch.

22. Ashtray.

23. Climate control system.

24. Ignition switch.

25. Steering column release lever.

26. Audio control switches.

27. Remote fuel-filler lid release.

28. Hood release handle.

29. Outside mirror switch.

30. Interior lights.

31. Sunvisor.

32. Rearview mirror.

33. Vanity mirror.

34. Front seat.

35. Seat belt.

36. Rear seat.

Exterior Overview

1. Trunk lid.

1. Trunk lid.

2. Antenna.

3. Rear window defroster.

4. Power window.

5. Tires.

6. Fuel-filler lid.

7. Light bulbs.

8. Hood.

9. Windshield wiper blades.

10. Moonroof.

11. Child safety lock.

12. Door lock.

13. Outside mirror.

1. Liftgate.

1. Liftgate.

2. Rear window defroster.

3. Rear wiper blade.

4. Antenna.

5. Fuel-filler lid.

6. Power window.

7. Tires.

8. Light bulbs.

9. Hood.

10. Windshield wiper blades.

11. Moonroof.

12. Child safety lock.

13. Door lock.

14. Outside mirror.

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