Supplemental Restraint System Components

The supplemental restraint systems (SRS) have two basic subsystems: - The air bag system with inflators and air bags.

- The electrical system with crash sensors and diagnostic module.

The air bags are mounted in the following locations: - The steering wheel hub.

- The front passenger dashboard.

- The outboard sides of the front seatbacks.

- The front and rear window pillars, and the roof edge along both sides.

The air bags are out of sight until activated.

1 - Driver/Front passenger inflators and air bags
1 - Driver/Front passenger inflators and air bags 2 - Crash sensors, and diagnostic module (SAS unit) 3 - Front seat belt pretensioners 4 - Front air bag sensor 5 - Side crash sensors
6 - Air bag/front seat belt pretensioner system warning light 7 - Side and curtain inflators and air bags 8 - Front passenger air bag deactivation indicator light 9 - Front passenger seat weight sensors 10 - Front passenger seat weight sensor control module 11 - Driver and front passenger seat belt buckle switches 12 - Driver seat slide position sensor 13 - Front seats

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