Customer Assistance (U.S.A.)

Your complete and permanent satisfaction is our business. We are here to serve you. All
Authorized Mazda Dealers have the knowledge and the tools to keep your Mazda vehicle
in top condition.

If you have any questions or recommendations for improvement regarding the service of
your Mazda vehicle or servicing by Mazda Dealer personnel, we recommend that you take
the following steps:

STEP 1: Contact Your Mazda Dealer

Discuss the matter with an Authorized Mazda Dealer. This is the quickest and best way to
address the issue. If your concern has not been resolved by the CUSTOMER RELATIONS,
SALES, SERVICE, or PARTS MANAGER, then please contact the GENERAL MANAGER of the dealership or the OWNER.

STEP 2: Contact Mazda North American Operations

If for any reason you feel the need for further assistance after contacting your dealership
management, you can reach Mazda North American Operations by one of the following

Log on: at

Answers to many questions, including how to locate or contact a local Mazda dealership in
the U.S., can be found here.

E-mail: click on Contact Us located on the Inside Mazda tab, or at the bottom of the
page at

By phone at: 1 (800) 222-5500

By letter at:
Attn: Customer Assistance Mazda North American Operations 7755 Irvine Center Drive Irvine, CA 92618-2922
P.O. Box 19734
Irvine, CA 92623-9734

In order to serve you efficiently and effectively, please help us by providing the following
1. Your name, address, and telephone number.

2. Year and model of vehicle.

3. Vehicle Identification Number (17 digits, noted on your registration or title or located on
the upper driver's side corner of the dash).

4. Purchase date and current mileage.

5. Your dealer's name and location.

6. Your question(s).

If you live outside the U.S.A., please contact your nearest Mazda Distributor.

STEP 3: Contact Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Mazda North American Operations realizes that mutual agreement on some issues may not
be possible. As a final step to ensure that your concerns are being fairly considered, Mazda
North American Operations has agreed to participate in a dispute settlement program
administered by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) system, at no cost to you the consumer.

BBB AUTO LINE works with consumers and the manufacturer in an attempt to reach a mutually acceptable resolution of any warranty related concerns. If the BBB is not able to
facilitate a settlement they will provide an informal hearing before an arbitrator.

You are required to resort to BBB AUTO LINE before exercising rights or seeking remedies under the Federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, 15 U.S.C. 2301 et seq. To the
extent permitted by the applicable state Lemon Law, you are also required to resort to
BBB AUTO LINE before exercising any rights or seeking remedies under the Lemon Law. If you choose to seek remedies that are not created by the Magnuson-Moss Warranty
Act or the applicable state Lemon Law, you are not required to first use BBB AUTO

The whole process normally takes 40 days or less. The arbitration decision is not binding
on you or Mazda else you accept the decision. For more information about BBB AUTO
LINE, including current eligibility standards, please call 1-800-955-5100 or visit the BBB
website at

Being truly committed to customer satisfaction is more than a phrase with Mazda. We hope
to satisfy every customer directly, but if there is ever a question about our decision, Mazda
believes in providing a fast, fair and free method such as the BBB AUTO LINE to ensure
Mazda delivers on our commitment to do the right thing for our customers!

California Customers

1. Mazda North American Operations (Mazda) participates in BBB AUTO LINE, a mediation/arbitration program administered by the Council of Better Business Bureaus
[4200 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, Virginia 22203] through local Better Business Bureaus. BBB AUTO LINE and Mazda have been certified by the Arbitration Certification Program of the California Department of Consumer Affairs.

2. If you have a problem arising under a Mazda written warranty, we encourage you to
bring it to our attention. If we are unable to resolve it, you may file a claim with BBB
AUTO LINE. Claims must be filed with BBB AUTO LINE within six (6) months after the expiration of the warranty.

3. To file a claim with BBB AUTO LINE, call 1-800-955-5100. There is no charge for the

4. In order to file a claim with BBB AUTO LINE, you will have to provide your name and
address, the brand name and vehicle identification number (VIN) of your vehicle, and a
statement of the nature of your problem or complaint. You will also be asked to provide:
the approximate date of your acquisition of the vehicle, the vehicle's current mileage, the
approximate date and mileage at the time any problem(s) were first brought to the
attention of Mazda or one of our dealers, and a statement of the relief you are seeking.

5. BBB AUTO LINE staff may try to help resolve your dispute through mediation. If
mediation is not successful, or if you do not wish to participate in mediation, claims
within the program's jurisdiction may be presented to an arbitrator at an informal
hearing. The arbitrator's decision should ordinarily be issued within 40 days from the
time your complaint is filed; there may be a delay of 7 days if you did not first contact
Mazda about your problem, or a delay of up to 30 days if the arbitrator requests an
inspection/report by an impartial technical expert or further investigation and report by

6. You are required to use BBB AUTO LINE before asserting in court any rights or remedies conferred by California Civil Code Section 1793.22. You are also required to
use BBB AUTO LINE before exercising rights or seeking remedies created by Title I of
the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, 15 U.S.C. sec. 2301 et seq. If you choose to seek
redress by pursuing rights and remedies not created by California Civil Code Section
1793.22 or Title I of the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, resort to BBB AUTO LINE is not required by those statutes.

7. California Civil Code Section 1793.2 (d) requires that, if Mazda or its representative is
unable to repair a new motor vehicle to conform to the vehicle's applicable express
warranty after a reasonable number of attempts, Mazda may be required to replace or
repurchase the vehicle. California Civil Code Section 1793.22 (b) creates a presumption
that Mazda has had a reasonable number of attempts to conform the vehicle to its applicable express warranties if, within 18 months from delivery to the buyer or 18,000
miles on the vehicle's odometer, whichever occurs first, one or more of the following
- The same nonconformity [a failure to conform to the written warranty that substantially impairs the use, value or safety of the vehicle] results in a condition that
is likely to cause death or serious bodily injury if the vehicle is driven AND the
nonconformity has been subject to repair two or more times by Mazda or its agents
AND the buyer or lessee has directly notified Mazda of the need for the repair of the
nonconformity; OR.

- The same nonconformity has been subject to repair 4 or more times by Mazda or its
agents AND the buyer has notified Mazda of the need for the repair of the nonconformity; OR.

- The vehicle is out of service by reason of repair of nonconformities by Mazda or its
agents for a cumulative total of more than 30 calendar days after delivery of the
vehicle to the buyer.


Mazda North American Operations 7755 Irvine Center Drive Irvine, CA 92618
ATTN: Customer Mediation

8. The following remedies may be sought in BBB AUTO LINE: repairs, reimbursement
for money paid to repair a vehicle or other expenses incurred as result of a vehicle
nonconformity, repurchase or replacement of your vehicle, and compensation for damages and remedies available under Mazda's written warranty or applicable law.

9. The following remedies may not be sought in BBB AUTO LINE: punitive or multiple
damages, attorneys' fees, or consequential damages other than as provided in California
Civil Code Section 1794 (a) and (b).

10. You may reject the decision issued by a BBB AUTO LINE arbitrator. If you reject the
decision, you will be free to pursue further legal action. The arbitrator's decision and
any findings will be admissible in a court action.

11. If you accept the arbitrator's decision, Mazda will be bound by the decision, and will
comply with the decision within a reasonable time not to exceed 30 days after we receive notice of your acceptance of the decision.

12. Please call BBB AUTO LINE at 1-800-955-5100 for further details about the program.

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