Pedestrian Protection

Mazda 6 facelift has an energy-absorbing space between the bonnet and the engine, and structures for impact energy absorption in the cowl grille and fender brackets, which mitigate the chance of serious head injuries. It also employs energy-absorption foam in front of the front bumper beam and plastic reinforcements at the bottom of the front bumper, which help lower the seriousness of leg injuries.

Active Safety - New Technologies for on-road Safety

Active safety for the new Mazda 6 facelift is based on the same package of the outgoing model. It has large 299 mm front disc brakes with callipers that have 57 mm single pistons, and 280 mm rear discs with callipers that have 34.9 mm diameter single pistons. These form the basis of four-wheel ABS, electronic brake distribution, brake assist, electronic traction control (TCS) and DSC all standard. The Mazda 6 facelift also has a tyre pressure monitoring system and a parking sensor system. Mazda's rear vehicle monitoring system is also onboard. Employing two wide-angle, 24 GHz microwave radar units on the right and left side of the rear bumper, this system is a fully independent active safety feature that detects and warns the driver of an approaching vehicle from behind - when driving at speeds over 60 km per hour - before he has a chance to change lanes by mistake. It also detects vehicles driving in the blind spot area, and is effective even in bad weather conditions. The two radar units are positioned to face outwards from the vehicle's centre line to cover the left and right lanes at the back of the car within a range of about 50 m. These radar units emit microwaves, which reflect off a following vehicle - including smaller vehicles like motorcycles - and are picked up again by the radar units in the bumper. To this, the facelift adds the following four new active safety systems for even more peace of mind.

New Swivel-Type Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS) with Bi-Xenon Headlamps

The Mazda 6 facelift is available with a new swivel-type AFS for even better night time visibility. The system uses driver steering input and car speed to better illuminate the curve. It swivels the left or right headlamp, depending on turn direction, by up to 15° to illuminate that part of the road that the car will reach up to three seconds later. It works with both xenon high and low beams.

New Hill Launch Assist (HLA) Function

Hill starts are easy with Mazda 6 facelift's new HLA system. When a driver stops on hill, the system automatically calculates the gradient of the hill using the acceleration sensor in the airbag unit. If the grade is 2° or steeper, it keeps the brakes applied when the driver releases the brake pedal to prevent the car from rolling backwards downhill. When the driver lets off the brake pedal and presses the gas pedal again, the brake-control functionality of the DSC system holds the car steady until there is enough engine torque to move the car safely up the slope.

Emergency Stop Signal (ESS)

If the driver has to brake suddenly in an emergency situation, Mazda 6 facelift sends an immediate signal to following cars that goes beyond mere brake lights. If the driver is travelling over 50 km/h and decelerates by a minimum of 0.7 G, the hazard-warning lamps lash rapidly to alert cars behind. Once car speed drops to 10 km/h or less, or comes to a complete halt, the hazard-warning lamps continue lashing but at a slower rate (their normal rate) to help prevent a rear impact when stationary. The hazard warning lights are automatically switched off again once the brake pedal is released.

Smart Turn Function for Signalling a Lane Change

Smart Turn Function is introduced on Mazda 6 facelift. It allows the driver to signal a lane change with the blinker by simply moving the turn lever slightly once: the turn signal then blinks three times on the side indicated.

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