Customer Assistance (Canada)

Satisfaction Review Process

Your complete and permanent satisfaction is of primary concern to Mazda. All Authorized
Mazda Dealers have both the knowledge and tools to keep your Mazda in top condition. In
our experience, any questions, problems, or complaints regarding the operation of your
Mazda or any other general service transactions are most effectively resolved by your
dealer. If the cause of your dissatisfaction cannot adequately be addressed by normal
dealership procedures, we recommend that you take the following steps:

STEP 1: Contact the Mazda Dealer

Discuss the matter with a member of dealership management. If the Service Manager has
already reviewed your concerns, contact the owner of the dealership or its General

STEP 2: Contact the Mazda Regional Office

If you feel that you still require assistance, ask the dealer Service Manager to arrange for
you to meet the local Mazda Service Representative. If more expedient, contact Mazda
Canada Inc.Regional Office nearest you for such arrangements. Regional Office address
and phone numbers are shown.

STEP 3: Contact the Mazda Customer Relations Department

If still not substantially satisfied, contact the Customer Relations Department, Mazda
Canada Inc., 55 Vogell Road, Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4B 3K5 Canada TEL: 1 (800) 263-4680.

Provide the Department with the following information: 1. Your name, address and telephone number.

2. Year and model of vehicle.

3. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Refer to the “Vehicle Identification Labels” of this manual for the location of the VIN.

4. Purchase date.

5. Present odometer reading.

6. Your dealer's name and location.

7. The nature of your problem and/or cause of dissatisfaction.

The Department, in cooperation with the local Mazda Service Representative, will review
the case to determine if everything possible has been done to ensure your satisfaction.

Please recognize that the resolution of service problems in most cases requires the use of
your Mazda dealer's service facilities, personnel and equipment. We urge you to follow the
above three steps in sequence for most effective results.

Mediation/Arbitration Program

Occasionally a customer concern cannot be resolved through Mazda's Customer Satisfaction Program. If after exhausting the procedures in this manual your concern is still
not resolved, you have another option.

Mazda Canada Inc. participates in an arbitration program administered by the Canadian Motor Vehicle Arbitration Plan (CAMVAP). CAMVAP will advise you about how your concern may be reviewed and resolved by an independent third party through
binding arbitration.

Your complete satisfaction is the goal of Mazda Canada Inc. and our dealers.

Mazda's participation in CAMVAP makes a valuable contribution to our achieving that
goal. There is no charge for using CAMVAP. CAMVAP results are fast, fair and final as the
award is binding on both you and Mazda Canada Inc.

Canadian Motor Vehicle Arbitration Plan (CAMVAP)

If a specific item of concern arises, where a solution cannot be reached between an owner,
Mazda, and/or one of it's dealers (that all parties cannot agree upon), the owner may wish
to use the services offered by the Canadian Motor Vehicle Arbitration Plan (CAMVAP).

CAMVAP uses the services of Provincial Administrators to assist consumers in scheduling
and preparing for their arbitration hearings. However, before you can proceed with
CAMVAP you must follow your Mazda dispute resolution process as outlined previously.

CAMVAP is fully implemented in all provinces and territories.

Consumers wishing to obtain further information about the Program should contact the
Provincial Administrator at 1 (800) 207-0685, or by contacting the Canadian Motor Vehicle Arbitration Plan Office at:

Canadian Motor Vehicle Arbitration Plan 235 Yorkland Boulevard, suite 300 North York, Ontario
M2J 4Y8

Provincial Administrators may be reached locally as listed below:

Regional Offices

Regional Offices

Customer Assistance (Puerto Rico)

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